Back in 1994, I was still a kid that's the last time I got a vaccine, 3 years later became a legal adult and stopped taking medication and developed self healing patterns that I still follow today
The decision of not taking medication came from nowhere, I substitute sources of medication with taking naps for headache or just going for a run, play a sport or hitting the gym. Back there I didn't started any wellness revolutionary lifestyle, I might have a flashback to science class back in school where they mention that many vaccines content a virus or have an active component in micro proportion that you body should be able to activate an shield or immune alert, that was scary. 
I recall very well the last vaccine was for hepatitis B, by the way the cost of it was 1,000 dollars, something I couldn't afford back in 1999 we speaking of the amount of money that can be use today to feed a family for months, back then for about a year. I got it thanks to the good intentions of a well connected friend of the family, he got it as part of a plan for the Dominica College of Journalist, that remind me that wasn't the only time this guy this something remarkable for me, this guy actually wanted to get me a scholarship that unfortunately he couldn't get, you know how politics works, but I got the scholarship years after thanks to another good samaritan, I meet many of those over the years.
Sorry for the distraction, back to the vaccine talk, I know now that I am not the only hothead, many people around the world like Arizona Republican State Rep. Kelly Townsend took on facebook calling a "communist" the intention of forcing people to collectively get vaccinated all across USA. I have heard the same story over and over from people that got hurt with a vaccine, like she say she is a mother of a child that got injure, and ended her post with "Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Live free or die, Rep. Kelly Townsend.
This wasn't all that happened just a month ago religious exemptions even lawmakers from states like NJ, NY, Iowa, Maine and Vermont have proceed eliminating of religious exemptions for vaccines, and eliminated the law that allows the exemption for personal or philosophical matter.
Well, "America" this is happening on your backyard. Soon we can expect border enforcement for traveler to vaccinate or submit record of it to get into the country, god help all us.
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