Gretel one of the first habitats in Downtown Santo Domingo, her house build by her father in 1967 a German immigrant to Dominican Republic design it by himself, 50 years later with the horizontal expansion of my hometown Gretel's home is surrounded by skyscraper, this is one of the most exclusive areas in the core of the city where a condo could cost something around USD 200,000 to over USD 1.2 million.
Fron a business point getting this home, take it down and build something accordingly with what this area has turned into make sense and make a good business deal, maybe...
Gretel house could easily get sold for 1.5 to 2 million, but judging by the video, this is a little oasis in the middle of the city, over the years Gretel has been getting offers from developer that want to buy her home to take it down and start a new skycrap (no pun intended), and right there is her fear that they won't preserve the house, that has a history and a sentimental value to her, I'm feeling her, and I feel catching her home sentimental value, now I dreaming with being able to make her an offer, that included a promise of not taking her house down, even tho the place doesn't have privacy, because all the surrounding are building, those birds that you can hear on the video could be an effect added by the video producer, or maybe not since maybe all the nature around this area is concentrated all in one spot... Gretel's home, I think her home should stay intact, and be a reminder of how beautiful our city used to be before the big bang urbanistic that happened to my Santo Domingo in just the blink of an eye.
Santo Domingo, now it's all penthouse, malls, metro, highways and it all looks so disorganized I have the perception that nothing of that was ever planned, well I'm right, nothing of we has torn this city was planned, but now it's too late, we already got to the point of no return on that and so many other this that we thought or better to say we were told that all this air of progress and future was for the good of our great Santo Domingo.

I still dreaming with making her an offer...

Video Souce: Tropical Ghosts
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