I Quit Smartphones!!!

I went to the ballpark the other day, I was pretty excited because of had been long time since I was there, and the friend coming with me, so far so good, until we meet... everybody hands on phone taking selfies, going live on Facebook, updating status all soft socializing, kind of hillarious, no? What happened with spending time together?

Well since I quit Smartphones I don't miss it, but I feel like I don't fit in certain circles, the average smartphone user checks his or her phone 35 times a day, 50% of teens in the USA just admitted to feeling addicted to their smartphones, 70% of parents and teens say that they argued about smartphones usage, 87% of people are distracted during "spend together with family" time, even though is illegal almost everywhere 66% of us had check our mobiles while driving.

I want No #WhatsApp, No #Snapchat, No #Instagram, No #Facebook. No #picturetaking, NO #post No #Twitter, No #Selfies, No #profilestalking No #sharing No #Latepost No #Pinterest! No #LinkedIn! #goingdark Going back to be a human. Let's see how long I survive. What the side effects are going to be!!! I still will be blogging. Googling a whatever I do for work I'm not a rebel. 
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