You should start opening a wallet, I will recommend Coinbase since is a solid establish company that offer BTC and ETH, those too had been the most popular cryptocurrency so far, you might need to go through the verification process to have the ability to buy with freedom, let say they have to confirm your  identity and more, remember the privacy that cryptocurrency offers is often used by criminal and Bandit to fund their causes. 

Saving bitcoin is one of the ways to start investing on cryptocurrency, but I will say savers are loser, the way to go big is to star trading, of course, you don't know about trading, the idea of putting in risk you retirement savings is not quite attractive, so start small, get familiar with it but don't keep yourself out of this opportunity there is big money on trading with Foreign Exchange or you can go for the stocks of the big companies too, educate yourself before taking a high risk.

SimpleFX is a great place to start trading create your account, ask them for on the chat support for that educational link that they recommend to clients to start learning. 

Don't' forget to start small then go for the big money. :D


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